The Country Store provides a great place for the entire family. The store features Sodas in the "Old Style" glass bottles, Old Timey Candies, Folk Toys, Gift Items and much, much more. Oh Yes! Homemade Fudge, and other tasty delights. The Dry Goods store also features products created right here in Rockingham County as well as other quality specialty food items from throughout the United States. Not to mention jellies, jams, pickles and more. Come sit and relax in our cozy rocking chairs, play a game of checkers, listen to the music, or you can be the entertainment. We have two guitars for our customers to play!

We have free Wi-Fi



Get your own Signed & Numbered artist print of
Madison Dry Goods Co. The painting is by Stokes County's artist
Frank Duncan. You will have to stop by and see the detail
for yourself to really appreciate Franks' efforts in this painting.
This is limited to 250 prints and are only $25.00 each.

To view other artwork by Frank Duncan,
visit: www.artworkoffrankduncan.com

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